Fertility Graphic of People Bike Riding

Fertility Friday Tip: Avoid Long Bike Rides

Fertility Friday Tip 11: For most men, riding a bike is unlikely to cause any fertility issues. However, evidence suggests that prolonged time in the saddle may affect fertility so invest in a good bike seat and padded shorts and make sure to take regular breaks.

Fertility Graphic of People Bike Riding

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Hot Tub Fertility Graphic

Fertility Friday Tip: Avoid High Temperatures

Fertility Friday Tip 10: Hot tubs are great for relaxation (which we know is great for erectile function), but if the temperature is too high, it can reduce sperm count. So cool your jets…at least when it comes to the hot tub.

Hot Tub Fertility Graphic

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Timing is Everything

Fertility Friday Tip: Timing is Key

Fertility Friday Tip 8: Timing is everything. The six days before ovulation and the day of ovulation are the times when conception is most likely.

Timing is Everything


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Fertility and Smoking

Fertility Friday Tip: Don’t Smoke

Fertility Friday Tip 7: Heavy smokers produce up to 20% fewer sperm than non-smokers. The genetic material in the sperm (DNA) can also be damaged by the chemicals in cigarette smoke.  So protect your fertility, and don’t smoke.

Smoking and Fertility

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