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I Didn’t Know You Could Break That: Secrets of Urologic Andrology

How does testosterone affect fertility? Are erections relaxation or contraction? Can I really fracture my penis? There are some common misconceptions about male sexual health perpetuated by popular culture and even some physicians.

In this talk, I examine a few of the most prevalent ones, and explain some important issues that trouble men. I also used the opportunity to provide some tips for the ladies on how to help their man be his best and have a fulfilling sexual relationship.

The title of the talk and much of the tone is comical. Issues like fertility, erectile dysfunction, and enlarged prostate are serious, though, and I strongly recommend that you see a doctor to find a course of treatment.

I have more information about male sexual health issues, fertility testing and infertility treatments available in the “services” section of this website.

If you’d like to contact me, you can schedule an appointment or call my offices at 310-277-2929.

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