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Fertility Friday Tip: Avoid Injury

Fertility Friday Tip 12: June is National Safety Month, dedicated to stopping slips, trips, falls and other injuries (especially those that hurt reproductive organs, in the case of my patients). So make sure to protect your family jewels so that you can create a family of your own now or in the future.

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It's Not Just A Vasectomy

It’s 2019. Your balls are as important as they have ever been. And if you really care about them you shouldn’t let anyone with a knife or a needle near you if you have a choice. The gold standard in my humble opinion is a no needle, no scalpel vasectomy.

Fertility Friday Tip: Take Lycopene

Early research shows that taking lycopene by mouth daily for 3 months improves sperm quality in some men with fertility problems due to unknown causes.

Fertility Friday Tip: Balance is Key

Fertility Friday Tip 31: Don’t go overboard on any nutrient or vitamin that is supposed to boost fertility (such as zinc). As with everything, balance is key.