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Why See a Urologist?


Just as you have an ophthalmologist for eye conditions and an orthopedist for sports injuries, you need a urology specialist to receive the best possible care for your reproductive health.
Urologists provide the highest quality of medical care for male infertility, male sexual health and genitourinary conditions. Urologists are experts in their field and can solve problems often missed by primary care doctors.

Your family doctor is invaluable to your continuing health. But for issues of sexual health and reproduction, the most in-depth and complete expertise is exclusive to Urologists who specialize in male sexual health. Like other specialists, Urologists focus on particular conditions including ED, bladder issues, prostate cancer, and infertility.  In order to have the best possible results, it is essential to find a specialist for your particular conditions.

You should see a urologist when:

  • You are planning to conceive your own biological child
  • You are having any difficulties conceiving a child
  • You have any problems regarding sexual performance
  • You experience erectile dysfunction  (ED.)
  • You are taking Cialis, Viagra, or any other medicine to address ED
  • You or any relatives have had issues with the prostate gland.
  • You experience discomfort in the penis
  • You suffer loss of urinary control or Incontinence
  • You see blood in your urine

Unfortunately, men too often put their health and their sexual goals at increased risk by avoiding or delaying treatment. Early detection saves lives and may save you tremendous physical pain and financial cost. The sooner you see a specialist, the sooner you can experience positive change to your health and performance.

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Why some men are unable to get the positive results they deserve:
Fertility doctors traditionally focus on Women. Despite the fact that up to 30% of infertility issues are found in the man alone. As specialists, Gynecologists are focused to the female side of infertility. As the result, you can spend valuable time trying to conceive a child only to discover too late that the infertility was on the male side and was easily treatable by a Urologist. It is essential to address both potential causes of infertility.
Doctors fail to make a referral. Some General Practitioners are under tremendous pressure by insurance companies to limit referrals to any type of specialist. As General Practitioners, many doctors have limited resources to stay informed about the latest medical procedures and are unaware of the current solutions to urological conditions.
Confusion about what a urologist does. Urology is not as immediately familiar to the general public as Dentistry. Often, men are not aware of the benefits a Urologist can provide and how simple and easy treatments may be.
Anxiety. In the case of one’s personal sexual or private physical issues, the issues can be too personal for some men to seek relief. Urologists are compassionate and dedicated to your personal success. Urologists can guide you through the process of achieving your health goals.
If you are dedicated to your own success, you need to personally take charge of your own health and find experts who can deliver positive results.

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