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It's Not Just A Vasectomy

It’s 2019. Your balls are as important as they have ever been. And if you really care about them you shouldn’t let anyone with a knife or a needle near you if you have a choice. The gold standard in my humble opinion is a no needle, no scalpel vasectomy.
Nov 21st, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Take Lycopene

Early research shows that taking lycopene by mouth daily for 3 months improves sperm quality in some men with fertility problems due to unknown causes.
Nov 8th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Balance is Key

Fertility Friday Tip 31: Don’t go overboard on any nutrient or vitamin that is supposed to boost fertility (such as zinc). As with everything, balance is key.
Nov 1st, 2019

Fertility Friday: Know Your Overall Health

Fertility Friday Tip 26: Certain autoimmune diseases can create antibodies that attack sperm, hence hurting fertility in men. Consult a doctor if you think this might be a problem.
Sep 27th, 2019

Fertility Friday: Monitor Pituitary Gland Issues

Fertility Friday Tip 25: The pituitary gland helps in the brain function that regulates the hormone production. If there is a deficiency in this, infertility in males can occur. Gonadotropin treatment is one
Sep 20th, 2019

Fertility Friday: Use A Sperm-friendly Lube

Fertility Friday Tip 24: Certain lubricants can actually impair fertility by affecting sperm. If you are having issues conceiving and feeling dry during intercourse, try a sperm-friendly lubricant such as Pre-See
Sep 13th, 2019

Fertility Friday: Check Your Cholesterol

Fertility Friday Tip 22: If you are trying to conceive, make sure you and your partner’s cholesterol level are under control. High cholesterol won’t just harm your heart–it can also negatively impact your ability to
Aug 30th, 2019

Fertility Friday: Avoid Night Lights

Fertility Friday Tip 21: Watch the use of night lights. Artificial nighttime light exposure can harm both your ability to conceive and fetal development.
Aug 23rd, 2019

Fertility Friday: Take Note of Contraception Choices

Tip 20: Take note of your partner’s birth control choices before you decide you want to have a baby. Injectable forms of birth control may take up to a year to wear off before normal menstrual and ovulation cycles start again.
Aug 9th, 2019

Fertility Friday: Know Your Fertile Window

Fertility Friday Tip 19: Sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for up to three days after intercourse, so having sex every day, or even on ovulation day, is not necessary. What’s critical is knowing your fertile window.
Aug 2nd, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Seek Treatment

Fertility Friday Tip 17: Just because you have a low sperm count doesn’t mean you can’t have kids. In fact, it doesn’t even mean you need to remain low. Infertility treatments are available and improving every year.
Jul 19th, 2019

Top 10 Sex Safety Tips for Exploring Your Wild Side

Sex is a contact sport unlike any other. I’m sure many images are going through your mind. And I’m not talking about tripping on the rug before you get into bed or hitting your elbow on the nightstand.
Jul 15th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Freeze Your Sperm

Fertility Friday Tip 16: For men with deteriorating sperm quality and count, whether due to age or a health condition, freezing your sperm is sometimes a great option if you still want to have kids in the future.
Jul 12th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Don’t Despair

Fertility Friday Tip 13: Did you know you could break that? Your penis that is… Well don’t despair, because conditions such as penile fracture, Peyronie’s disease, and other conditions that lead to infertility are all treatable to some degree.
Jun 21st, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Avoid Injury

Fertility Friday Tip 12: June is National Safety Month, dedicated to stopping slips, trips, falls and other injuries (especially those that hurt reproductive organs, in the case of my patients).
Jun 14th, 2019

Are All Vasectomies Reversible?

I often see patients who are potential candidates for vasectomy reversal and it makes me think of a smart urologist whom I have known for many years.
Jun 11th, 2019

Smoking.... and Your Future Kid

A 28-year-old man recently came to see me after he and his wife had been unable to conceive for a year. She was 26 and healthy. He smoked 2 packs per day and liked to drink as well. He was about 20 lbs. overweight. I looked at his analyses.
Jun 7th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Avoid Long Bike Rides

For most men, riding a bike is unlikely to cause any fertility issues. However, evidence suggests that prolonged time in the saddle may affect fertility so invest in a good bike seat and padded shorts and make sure to take regular breaks.
May 31st, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Avoid High Temperatures

Fertility Friday Tip 10: Hot tubs are great for relaxation (which we know is great for erectile function), but if the temperature is too high, it can reduce sperm count. So cool your jets…at least when it comes to the hot tub.
May 24th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Relax

Fertility Friday Tip 9: From erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation, relaxation is often key.
May 17th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Timing is Key

Fertility Friday Tip 8: Timing is everything. The six days before ovulation and the day of ovulation are the times when conception is most likely.
May 10th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Don’t Smoke

Fertility Friday Tip 7: Heavy smokers produce up to 20% fewer sperm than non-smokers. The genetic material in the sperm (DNA) can also be damaged by the chemicals in cigarette smoke.  So protect your fertility, and don’t smoke.
May 3rd, 2019

Four Things To Do This Easter to Help You Make a Baby

Alas, spring is upon us! The flowers are in bloom and love is in the air.  Temperatures are rising and clothes are shrinking. Doesn’t it all just make you want a have a baby? Even if you hadn’t already been thinking about having a baby...
Apr 21st, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Drink in Moderation

Fertility Friday Tip 6: If the male partner drinks more than 20 units of alcohol per week it takes longer for his partner to conceive, so make sure you enjoy in moderation.
Apr 19th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Avoid Hazardous Chemicals

Fertility Friday Tip 5: Men who work in factories are routinely exposed to chemicals that threaten reproductive health.  It’s important to minimize contact with these substances whenever possible.
Apr 12th, 2019

Fertility Friday Tip: Fitness

Fertility Friday Tip 4: The odds of infertility increase by 10 percent for every 20 pounds of excess weight, so stay fit to stay fertile!
Apr 5th, 2019

Is prostatitis a vascular disease?

My editorial response to an article published in the June issue titled “Greater endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffness in men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome–a possible link to cardiovascular disease.”
Mar 19th, 2019

Yes, but am I fertile?

As a urologist specializing in male fertility, perhaps the most common question I get asked by new patients is, “am I fertile?” To find out, I’ll examine them, draw hormones and get two semen samples for analysis. As soon as I get the results back...
Feb 27th, 2019

2013 AUA Male Infertility Presentations Review

I was one of the authors of this review, published in Reviews in Urology, of the Male Infertility presentations at the 2013 American Urological Association Annual Meeting outlining the key takeaways for Urologists.
Feb 23rd, 2019