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Sperm DNA Specialist

Scott I Zeitlin, MD -  - Male Infertility Specialist

Scott I Zeitlin, MD

Male Infertility Specialist & Men's Sexual Health Physician located in Century City, CA, Santa Monica, CA, & Tarzana, CA

Finding a solution to your fertility problems shouldn’t be a guessing game, and thanks to sperm DNA testing, it doesn’t have to be. At Los Angeles Infertility and Prostatitis, top-rated urologist Scott Zeitlin, MD, provides sperm DNA fragmentation testing to help you and your partner determine the next steps for conception. To learn more about testing and fertility treatment options, call to schedule an appointment at one of Dr. Zeitlin’s three Los Angeles area offices in Century City, Santa Monica, or Tarzana, California.

Sperm DNA Q&A

Who should consider a sperm DNA test?

You may consider a sperm DNA test if you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving a child, or if your partner has experienced a miscarriage. It’s possible that the DNA in your sperm is damaged, or fragmented, which can affect your chances of a viable pregnancy. If you have a high level of damaged sperm DNA, you’re less likely to get your partner pregnant, and your partner may be twice as likely to experience a miscarriage.

A sperm DNA fragmentation test can help determine the best fertility option for you and your partner. Procedures such as sperm retrieval and In vitro fertilization can help you achieve your goal of conceiving a child, even if you have significant sperm DNA fragmentation.

A sperm DNA test is different from a test that measures your sperm count. Even if you have a high sperm count, the quality of your sperm DNA may adversely affect your fertility. 

What is the best fertility treatment for sperm with fragmented DNA?

Dr. Zeitlin is experienced in treating male infertility and has helped many couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. If your sperm test reveals fragmented DNA and the test is not done with frequent ejaculation he will repeat it. If it is still abnormal he may recommend a sperm retrieval procedure.

A sperm retrieval procedure involves extracting healthy sperm directly from your testis. For men with damaged sperm, testicular sperm has higher success rates than ejaculated sperm. Dr. Zeitlin can precisely target healthier sperm.

The sperm retrieval procedure is done in conjunction with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which can significantly improve the likelihood of successful in vitro fertilization. ICSI involves injecting a single sperm cell directly into your partner’s egg. After your sperm fertilizes the egg, a fertility specialist transfers the embryo into your partner’s uterus.

How can I improve the quality of my sperm?

A fertility procedure may not be the first step after a sperm DNA test. In some cases, it’s possible to improve sperm quality through nonsurgical interventions or by treating underlying conditions that damage sperm. A healthier lifestyle often results in healthier sperm.

Dr. Zeitlin may recommend a diet high in fresh foods that contain antioxidants and vitamin C and E, along with exercise and losing excess weight. Smoking, alcohol, and drug use can have a negative impact on sperm quality, so quitting those habits can also help. Reducing psychological stress may also improve sperm quality.

You may undergo a second sperm DNA test after following Dr. Zeitlin’s recommendations for a few months. From there, you, your partner, and Dr. Zeitlin can determine the best way to move forward.

To schedule a sperm DNA test and learn more about fertility treatments, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zeitlin.