Four Things To Do this Easter to Have a Baby

Four Things To Do This Easter to Help You Make a Baby

Four Things To Do this Easter to Have a Baby - Dr. ZeitlinAlas, spring is upon us! The flowers are in bloom and love is in the air.  Temperatures are rising and clothes are shrinking. Doesn’t it all just make you want a have a baby? Even if you hadn’t already been thinking about having a baby, the season can certainly put you in the mood. And with Easter coming up, this might just be the perfect opportunity.

Christians celebrate Easter in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but the spring celebration and its symbols of fertility (eggs and rabbits) have been around for thousands of years. The Easter season definitely celebrates new life. Speaking of life, here are a few ways to maximize your chances of fertilizing an egg of your own this Easter Sunday.

1. Impress your spouse

Easter Egg HuntNothing screams parent more than playing with kids. If your spouse ever had doubts about your parenting ability, he or she is sure to feel more certain once they see you scavenging for chocolate eggs, putting band-aids on boo-boos, and supervising the nearest little ones. Be good with kids. It’s hot.

2. Eat the right food

Easter HamHam is a popular staple of Easter dinner. And you know what’s popular for making babies? Zinc, which also happens to be abundant in ham—a popular Easter staple. According to the American Pregnancy Association, it contributes to semen and testosterone production (and is also good for child development during pregnancy). So eat your ham, get your zinc, and boost your fertility.

3. Chocolates bunnies!

Easter chocolate bunnies Some say all you need is love, but a little chocolate here and there never hurts. Or what about both? Chocolate is known to stimulate the release of phenylethylamine, or PEA, which arouses the nervous system, increases heart rate, and is suspected to produce feelings of love.  Chocolate bunnies aren’t just for kids, they can also help you have them. So get some chocolate and get going!

4. Schedule some quality time

easter-coupleBetween dealing with extended family, excited children, and heavy planning in the kitchen, Easter can be stressful. Make sure to plan some “us” time between the egg hunts, eating, and catching up with relatives. And that doesn’t mean just fooling around in your childhood bed—unless you are into that. All is fair in love and fertility!

So whether you’re celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, the return of spring, or just want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, seize the opportunity, in the name of Easter.