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What to look for in a male fertility doctor/clinic


What to look for in a Male Fertility Doctor/Clinic

1. Experience matters. Look for someone with decades of experience, not months or years.
2. Make sure the doctor is fellowship trained. Not just that they write infertility specialists on their card or website.
3. Make sure your wife’s fertility doctor doesn’t operate on you. Gynecologists shouldn’t operate on men.
4. Be careful if your wife’s fertility doctor is an expert and they refer you to a general Urologist. This should be a red flag. Are they hiding something?
5. Make sure you see the doctor. Being referred to a specialist and then seeing a PA, nurse, resident or fellow is not your goal.
6. If you live in a city like Los Angeles you don’t need to be seen via telehealth. The examination is a big part of the process.
7. You should meet the doctor prior to your procedure if you are undergoing one. You don’t want surprises, especially if it is part of an expensive IVF cycle.
8. If the doctor doesn’t explain why he is ordering tests ask. Make sure you understand and are part of the process.
9. Most of male infertility is not covered by insurance. Even if you have infertility coverage you need to ask what isn’t covered. Going through your insurance often ends up costing you more than getting cash prices for a number of things including lab testing and imaging.
10. Trying to save hundreds can end up costing you thousands.
11. You may not care who cuts your hair, but you should care who cuts your balls.

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