Nearly 10% of the 500,000 men who have Vasectomies each year eventually decide to restore their fertility.

Vasectomy Reversal is a microsurgical procedure to restore fertility in men who have had a Vasectomy. After a successful Vasectomy Reversal, sperm are present in the semen again.  As the result, the patient is once again able to impregnate women. Vasectomy Reversal can be accomplished even decades after the initial vasectomy.

The most common reason for Vasectomy Reversal is re-marriage. Other patients grow to change their minds about wanting to experience the happiness that children make possible, and still others are motivated by the loss of a child to reverse their Vasectomies.

Vasectomy Reversal works though microsurgical reconstruction of the ductal system that was interrupted by a Vasectomy. As with Vasectomy, Vasectomy Reversal does not alter the sexual experience in any way other than to restore the proper delivery of sperm. Vasectomy Reversals are considered to be safe and have a low rate of complications.


For over a decade, Dr. Zeitlin and his team at UCLA have been successfully working together to restore patients’ fertility through excellence in microsurgery.

Dr. Zeitlin continues to train urology residents and practicing urologists from around the world at the prestigious UCLA Medical School. As a member of the award-wining UCLA Hospital Urology Department and as a research specialist funded by the National Institute of Health, Dr. Zeitlin brings a singular depth of knowledge and experience to his specialization in Vasectomy Reversal.

This level of understanding, precision and reliability provides patients with piece of mind and is the reason Dr. Zeitlin is regularly referred to repair previously unsuccessful attempts at reversal by other urologists.