Expert care for prostatis suffering

Just a note to let you know that I have visited Dr. Scott Zeitlin at his offices in Westwood, Los Angeles, and I have been helped enormously by his particular brand of prostate massage.

I developed a severe case of prostatitis following a prostate biopsy [from a previous urologist]. The biopsy was negative for cancer, but left me in severe pain. During the initial visit, I felt much improved (say, 60% better) one week after the massage. I went back for a second massage one week later …and today, one week later, I feel about 85% improved.

After four months of agony, this is nothing short of miraculous to me. My bladder symptoms are all but gone. My perineal pain is all but gone.

For now, I’m just overjoyed that my condition has improved to the extent it has. I was near despair before I went to see Dr. Zeitlin.

– Chris, Honolulu, HI.