Letters of thanks and success stories from Dr. Zeitlin’s clients.

Treating patients like people, and getting results

My experience with IFPMG was great from start to finish. I am proud to say that we are now the parents of my son, Jordan. I owe it all to Dr Zeitlin and his staff. I can never thank them enough.

My wife and I were thrilled with the way everything was handled and explained. I was never confused about any part of the process.

Everyone from the nurses to the receptionist was understanding, patient and kind–no matter how many questions I asked. I was nervous but they really gave me confidence that things would turn out right. And the results were terrific.

– Keith, Glendale, CA

A Referral Leads to a New Family

My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for nearly three years. We have been to doctor after doctor, which were mostly a waste of time, money, and left us heartbroken. After all this, our old Urologist suggested that we see Dr. Zeitlin.

From my first visit, I knew this was going to be better than all the other doctors.

I had so much faith in him and knew he would do everything he could to help my wife and I start our family. Through it all, Dr. Zeitlin and his staff listened and answered all my questions. Their encouragement gave me hope.

To everyone out there who is going through this struggle, Dr. Zeitlin will help you achieve success.

I will never forget what he did for my wife and I. He answered my prayers and completed my family. 

– John and Melissa, Bel Air, CA

Worth the 1-Hour Commute

I have been a patient of Dr. Zeitlin for over 10 years. I was referred by a leading urologist in Orange county because of a severe case of prostatitis  that no one seemed capable of treating.

Dr. Zeitlin was quick to diagnose and begin an aggressive regimen that included a multifaceted combination of antibiotics, massage, and nutritional supplements that helped immediately reduce the problem and its symptoms.  

I continue to see Dr. Zeitlin and find that driving over an hour each way is easy to justify for the superb care I receive.  

I have a very good friend from Pennsylvania who had a similar prostate issue and he actually flew into see Dr. Zeitlin upon my recommendation and was very pleased with the results.

– Jeff, Huntington Beach, CA

Expert care for prostatis suffering

Just a note to let you know that I have visited Dr. Scott Zeitlin at his offices in Westwood, Los Angeles, and I have been helped enormously by his particular brand of prostate massage.

I developed a severe case of prostatitis following a prostate biopsy [from a previous urologist]. The biopsy was negative for cancer, but left me in severe pain. During the initial visit, I felt much improved (say, 60% better) one week after the massage. I went back for a second massage one week later …and today, one week later, I feel about 85% improved.

After four months of agony, this is nothing short of miraculous to me. My bladder symptoms are all but gone. My perineal pain is all but gone.

For now, I’m just overjoyed that my condition has improved to the extent it has. I was near despair before I went to see Dr. Zeitlin.

– Chris, Honolulu, HI.