Fertility Friday: Get Regular Physical Exams

Fertility Friday Tip 33: Have regular physical examinations to detect early signs of infections or abnormalities that might indicate or lead to infertility.

Fertility Friday Tip 33

Fertility Friday Tip: Take Lycopene

Early research shows that taking lycopene by mouth daily for 3 months improves sperm quality in some men with fertility problems due to unknown causes.
Fertility Friday Tip 32

Fertility Friday Tip: Balance is Key

Fertility Friday Tip 31: Don’t go overboard on any nutrient or vitamin that is supposed to boost fertility (such as zinc). As with everything, balance is key.

Two men balancing on their heads

Fertility Friday: Avoid Malnourishment

Fertility Friday Tip 30: Chronic malnourishment can affect female hormones and hence cause infertility.

Fertility Friday Tip 30