Respect, Support and Success

After many frustrating years of battling with male factor infertility in which multiple doctors (including an acupuncturist) suggested treatments that just did deliver. I was relieved to have found Dr. Zeitlin and excellent staff. I remember how my wife and I were just about to give up trying to have a baby and try adoption. Then someone in my wife’s infertility support group told us to go see Zeitlin. We made our appointment and from the very first consultation, he encouraged us like no other doctor had done before. After our appointment we were hopeful for the first time in years. We were certain that if anyone could help us have a baby, it would be him. Throughout the whole thing, the staff was understanding and respectful. Dr. Zeitlin was patient, supportive and always encouraged me that we could succeed. I’m thankful that we chose to go see him, because my wife and I are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl and we owe it all to him and his excellent staff.

– Alexander, Los Angeles, CA